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I was raised in a large, loud family of ten where I was always encouraged to play, draw, and create with my hands. My siblings and I grew up homeschooled in Minneapolis, MN, aside from the three years of my childhood spent in the remote mountains of Central Asia. In 2017, I graduated from a small private school in Minnesota with majors in Studio Art and German. Off and on I find myself living in the lovely country of Germany, trying very hard to get my articles right. I'm currently based in a Texas border town with my husband as he follows his dream of becoming an Air Force pilot.

Humans are naturally inclined to document their lives, a tendency I find so beautiful. Each of us find enough value in our own experiences, surroundings, and relationships that we snap photos, journal, and tell people about our days. We know, instinctively, that we matter. 



For me, art is a kind of documentation. It proves that mundanity doesn’t equal mediocracy. It's a celebration of the little things and moments that make my life matter. I invite you to witness the daily objects and experiences of my life, and perhaps find more meaning in your own as a result.