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I was raised in a large, loud family of ten and always encouraged to play, draw, and create with my hands. My siblings and I grew up homeschooled in Minneapolis, MN, and I spent three years of my childhood in the remote mountains of Central Asia. In 2017 I graduated from a small private school in Minnesota with majors in Studio Art and German. Off and on I find myself living in the lovely country of Germany, trying very hard to get my articles right. I'm currently based in a Texas border town as my husband is following his dream of becoming a pilot in the Air Force.

My media of choice include watercolor, gouache, and, when I have the opportunity, woodblock printmaking.

I'm inspired by what we each call home. There is comfort and security in home. For some it is a relationship, for others it is family. Others still locate home in a specific corner of the world. Whatever it may be, we all are searching for this place in which to exist and thrive. Through the lens of my own experiences of home-seeking, I'm hoping to capture this uniquely human idea in my artwork.